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Pedestrian Platform Trucks

Pedestrian Platform Trucks

Zero emissions, silent running, and low maintenance.

                              From Left to Right: 400kg (397324), 500kg (397312) and 800kg (397313) Capacities.

High Capacity, Long Distance 

The Electric Platform Truck is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Highly manoeuvrable with a small turning circle, these trucks can carry up to an 800kg capacity along with a 12 mile range. 

  • Emergency stop button.
  • Variable speed.
  • Forward and reverse drive.
  • Removable sides, with custom boxes available.
  • Short charging time of 4 hours.

It is also silent, smooth running and emits zero emissions making it perfect for indoor use. Ramps also aren’t a problem as it can handle a 300kg load at a 20% gradient.

Service and Maintenance 

Our fully trained service specialists means that taking care of your investment is easy with our optional maintenance and service contracts. 

We understand the implications of unplanned stoppages to your valuable equipment. Scheduling regular service visits helps to avoid problems before they impact performance. 

Expect value for money, professional service, and high quality parts, because no-one knows your equipment like we do. 

Our Range & Specifications

Capacity (kg)
Max. Speed (Km/h)
Turning Radius (Metres)
L x W (mm)
Full Spec.
397324 400kg 5 2.7 1672 x 797 Data Sheet
  397312 500kg 5 4 1672 x 797 Data Sheet
  397313 800kg 5 5.2 2172 x 797 Data Sheet


Additional Information

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Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations of 1992, employers have a duty to ensure there are effective arrangements in place to plan, organise, monitor and review preventative and protective measures against significant risks.

We have a extensive range of powered equipment to assist with manual handling tasks utilising electric motors to pull, push and steer loads.

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