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Pedestrian Platform Tugs

Pedestrian Platform Tugs

    Pedestrian Platform Tugs have a 1000kg capacity. 

                                                      Pictured: 323080

Save time and strain

Moving your products/goods from A to B can create physical strain on your employees. These tugs transform this challenge into a creative solution for logistic bottlenecks and physical strain. You can therefore work smarter with higher efficiency and lower injury costs as a result.  

  • Emergency stop button.
  • Variable speed.
  • Forward and reverse drive.
  • Removable sides available.
  • Precise fingertip control.

Why not have a demo?

With such a big purchasing decision, it's important to make sure the product is right for you. That's why with all of our powered products we offer a free demonstration before you buy, just to make sure!

Our Range & Specifications

Capacity (kg)
Max Speed (Km/h)
Turning Radius (Metres)
L x W (mm)
Full Spec.

Standard (323080)

1000kg on Level Surface

750kg on 10% incline

4 2.895 1640 x 700 

Contact us for more information

Extended Platform Model (323083)

1000kg on Level Surface

750kg on 10% incline

6.6 3.255 1940 x 900  Contact us for more information

Contact your dedicated key account manager for bespoke solutions. 

Did you know?

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations of 1992, employers have a duty to ensure there are effective arrangements in place to plan, organise, monitor and review preventative and protective measures against significant risks.

We have a extensive range of powered equipment to assist with manual handling tasks utilising electric motors to pull, push and steer loads.

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